The Unseens

Most people think of them as coincidences, miracles, fate, or good luck. It’s none of those. Every single one of those situations is fixed by a group of heroes called The Unseens.

We helped you swerve around that car that slowed down suddenly because the driver just got a text message she just has to read right now. We helped your kid know the answer to a multiple choice question, so he gets a a instead of an B, the difference between a full and partial college scholarship.

You left an interior light on inside your last night, but we took care of that, so that you wouldn’t be late to work tomorrow morning (once more this year, and you’re fired, remember?). On the other hand, we turned on your neighbor’s car light last week, draining his battery, so that he would be late to work and avoid being in a fatal wreck the next morning.

Don’t try to spot us. You’ll never be able to figure out who we are. You won’t be able to find our meeting places or any evidence whatsoever of our activities.

Why should you even believe us? Well, you probably shouldn’t. Can you imagine going through the day, knowing that unseen, unknown superheroes are everywhere, fixing problems that you couldn’t? It would drive you mad. It would fill you with anxiety, knowing for sure that you have so little control over your life, something you’ve long suspected but greatly discounted.

So, it’s really better that you doubt, which shouldn’t be so hard. Because if you had any belief, real belief, in something good – anything good – and acted on it, then we wouldn’t really be needed, would we?