The Unseens

Most people think of them as coincidences, miracles, fate, or good luck. It’s none of those. Every single one of those situations is fixed by a group of heroes called The Unseens.

We helped you swerve around that car that slowed down suddenly because the driver just got a text message she just has to read right now. We helped your kid know the answer to a multiple choice question, so he gets a a instead of an B, the difference between a full and partial college scholarship. Continue reading


“I got nothing.”

The words were damning, but the admission was a relief.

Things never work out as you plan. Your brain comes up with a ton of ideas until it’s time for a brainstorming meeting at work, when all of a sudden you draw a blank. You have money in your bank account when things are steady but you’re broke when there’s an emergency.

The puzzle pieces never fit together.

A week ago, my bus was hijacked. The two dozen passengers, including myself, were driven to some compound out here in the middle of nowhere. We might still be in Colorado. We might have made it to Utah. I’m really not sure, but there are mountains. Continue reading

Pitch Meeting

Human behavior is highly predictable. People don’t like to believe this. Most people would exit this situation with a good story they’ll be repeating at family holidays for years to come. We would exit with a free room in Vegas for life. Continue reading

Back to the Present

It was 2am, and I had to pee in the middle of the night again. As I lifted the covers, I noticed that Josh wasn’t in the bed next to me. After using the bathroom, I went downstairs. No sign of Josh there, either. I looked out a front window in the living room. His car was in the driveway. I looked out the back window in the kitchen. A light was on in the barn.

I grabbed a jacket and slid on a pair of loafers I keep next to the back door.

I walked the hundred or so yards through the back yard to the barn and opened the door.

“What are you doing in here…”

I didn’t see him.



A faint noise, reminiscent of an old film projector, began emitting from a distance. The sound grew louder and closer.

An enormous light flashed and I heard a loud crash, which produced a cloud of dirt. I was temporarily blinded and inadvertently backed up into the wall of the barn.

“Honey! You won’t believe what happened!” Josh was geeking out. A frequent event.


“It’s possible!” Continue reading

A Visit from my Mortal Enemy

Sheldon Cooper emerged from the tv screen and into my living room. I was 99% sure I wasn’t high.

“Give me the mug,” he demanded.

I’d made it onto Sheldon’s infamous mortal enemies list, joining such notables as Brent Spiner, Barry Kripke and Leslie Winkle. I was delighted to find myself in great company. I was also desperate to achieve Wil Wheaton status and get off the list. Continue reading

Cooperative Witness

“I want in.”

I could hear my neighbor from my front porch.

“Ok, see ya Friday.”

I knew I’d already heard too much. My neighbor was into something nefarious, and I was a witness. Death felt imminent. I decided right then and there that, when offered, I would choose witness protection. Continue reading