“I got nothing.”

The words were damning, but the admission was a relief.

Things never work out as you plan. Your brain comes up with a ton of ideas until it’s time for a brainstorming meeting at work, when all of a sudden you draw a blank. You have money in your bank account when things are steady but you’re broke when there’s an emergency.

The puzzle pieces never fit together.

A week ago, my bus was hijacked. The two dozen passengers, including myself, were driven to some compound out here in the middle of nowhere. We might still be in Colorado. We might have made it to Utah. I’m really not sure, but there are mountains.

We have no idea if anyone is looking for us.

We have no idea why we’re here.

I can’t imagine that a bunch of people traveling by bus are great options for a hefty ransom. Kidnapping adults is probably less effective than slowly brainwashing people into following a cult.

The food supply has dwindled more and more by the day.

We’ve monitored things very closely, figuring out our kidnappers’ daily routine. Yesterday, a plan was devised to make a run for it. The full moon made it so that we could easily see where we were going. We hopped from shadow to shadow.

Unfortunately, the edge of the property was marked with a two-story high fence. The gate was padlocked. I used to pick locks and break into people’s lockers in high school. One of the female hostages took out her earring and I used the jewelry wiring as a paper clip substitute to try and pick the lock.


We turned and went back to our sleeping quarters. They let us keep our cell phones because there’s no signal out here. I kept mine off all week in order to preserve the battery, turning it on now only to record this story.
If you’re listening, it means we never got out.